How do you quantify the weight of words?

Paperwait means going back to traditional and meaningful means of communication while taking advantage of our modern developments.

It’s like a letter from the future.


Inspired by the overstimulation inherent in today's online methods of communication, Paperwait takes a step back in order to put emphasis and meaning back into what you're trying to say to whoever matters the most.

Your messages are sent to a unit hanging on the recipient's wall, acting as a material communicator between virtual and physical spaces. Your message is slowly revealed over time, making what you have to say more meaningful in the time it takes to get to your recipient.


The app developed to go alongside Paperwait is a simple messaging system. The top four of your closest contacts will be pinned to the homepage to message whenever a thought crosses your mind.


You will be able to set the amount of time it takes for the full message to form on the other side. A more personal approach is important to the experience, so you can name your contacts whatever you'd like.

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Say you're out and you suddenly had a thought that you'd like to share with someone. A meaningful way to share that thought could be to whip out the Paperwait app and send it along to the right person.


They would receive your thought on their unit at home, work, or wherever they choose to hang it. The unit comes to life, the interface breathing brighter as the message slowly reveals itself according to the delay that you had set.


After the message is fully revealed, a card with your thought is printed out so they can have a keepsake of the message. Perhaps they'd like to collect every thought and compile it in a little notebook of messages.


The unit holds a mini paper tray to hold any cardstock or printer paper that you'd like to keep your messages on.


The toner we developed is enough to print 400 notes. If you ever run out, there will always be more located at the accessories store.


You also have the option to turn off the light if it's bothersome in dark areas, or whether or not to print. The only downside is that you may miss messages as they come.

Two is better than one.
Reconnect with those who matter.

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