Figure A. :
Examining Hypermedia

How can we examine the true potential of mobile user interaction?

The fact that people have a device in their pockets that they can interact with through touch is a pretty amazing thing. This project highlights how we can take advantage of these interactive paradigms through a exploratory experience prototyped on Quartz Composer that takes the user through the construction and deconstruction of mediums throughout Western history.
Launch product

Our instinct to create has been driven by the push and pull between the transparent presentation of the real and the opacity of the medium itself. In other words, our explorations in media has been a clash between concealing the canvas and the corresponding acceptance of it.

Here we examine this phenomenon in three areas in the form of three tableaux:

1. Renaissance Painting and the invention of Perspective
2. Photography and the Moving Image
3. Digital Applications and User Interaction

First, the work presents examples on how breaking the medium has been done in the past, so that the user will be able to better understand the nature of this relationship between media and hypermedia. The experience ends with the user becoming aware of the canvas that she holds in her hands—the phone. We are still at a place where digital applications are a relatively new technology that is quickly being integrated into our daily lives. At such a high production rate, trends are forced to be adopted and design choices are made out of the desperation of adopting a universal digital language. But was the first solution we had the best? The answer is tough to conclude, and by no means does this application serve as a replacement. It is merely a place to speculate new forms of interaction through the creation of an interface that is meant to be poked and prodded.

It’s a learning experience.

Top: Screen recording of the exploration from start to finish.

Left: Screen shot detailing the launch page for the application. I imagined this site as something people would come across by accident, as people do while browsing the internet. The landing site is meant to be a primer to the app, introducing ideas of hypermedia, distorting the "The Ideal Landscape" by Nicolas Poussin, a romantic painter. The final screen reveals the man pointing to a TV screen in the distance. If one clicks on the screen, the app launches/is downloaded (in theory)

Process Blog details some historical context behind the chosen imagery.
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Figure A. :
Examining Hypermedia

Angelina Tjhung