A New Medium For Communication

Figure A. :
Examining Hypermedia

Wayward :
Rediscovering Public Space

The Astronaut, a novel :
A Visual Exercise In Storytelling

Angelina Tjhung

I'm interested in social spaces and how we interact with them.

Currently at Facebook on Connectivity Analytics
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Angelina Tjhung

How can we reclaim our relationship with the spaces around us?

Angelina Tjhung

How can we use abstract visuals as a narrative device?

Angelina Tjhung

How can we examine the true potential of mobile user interaction?

Angelina Tjhung

How do you quantify the weight of words?

Hello! I'm Angelina Tjhung. (The Tjh is pronounced "Ch")

I'm interested in people, cities, the public sphere, and learning what it means to be a second generation Chinese-Indonesian immigrant.

I have recently made a feature-length film that attempts to explore this by documenting the experiences of me and my family over 15 days during the Christmas holidays.

I'm trying to get into the habit of filmmaking but have quickly found out that my hands are very shaky.

Usagyuuun is my spirit animal (see below).